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С 2019 года мы стали резидентами Инновационного Центра «Сколково».

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RosInternet Technologies provides the following services:

  • Web system development
The company offers web system development of various levels. Depending on the client’s objectives, we offer both a number of turnkey solutions and development of a project from scratch.

  • Offshore programming
RosInternet Technologies offers offshore programming services to both Western and Russian companies.

  • Research and development
This is the main area of the company’s operations. Our company invariably provides a high level of service in performing research, R&D, and development work, as well as in providing information and computing services.

  • Analysis of software products and solutions
In the age of rapid development of information technologies, companies sometimes face challenges in selecting suitable software. RosInternet Technologies will conduct research and offer an optimal selection of technologies and software products based on your specific requirements.

  • Sociological and psychological studies
RosInternet Technologies has a unique experience in conducting sociological and psychological studies.
We are definitely open for collaboration in other areas and prepared to engage in a constructive dialog with representatives of both Russian and foreign companies.

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